Humdinger Trail Races


  Saturday, March 4, 2017


The Humdinger Trail Races are designed to test your early season stamina while shaking off the cabin fever.  What could be more fun than racing through snowy and muddy central PA fields and forests with 300 or so costumed friends and family? The ’Dingers are meant to be big on both fun and challenge. Whether you’re up for roughly 5, 7 or 12 miles of early March trail running and you’re in it to win it or just have fun with your family and friends, we have a ‘Dinger for you!

Join us at the Danville Borough Farm on March 4, 2017 to see if you just might be a ‘Dinger too!






Saturday, March 4, 2017


10:00am Humdinger, Dinger Lite and Dinger Plus combined start


the ‘Pig Barn‘, State Hospital Dr, Danville, PA 17821 USA


Danville Area High School / Danville Area Primary Center, 600 Walnut St, Danville, PA 17821 USA


300 Humdinger/Dinger Lite/Dinger Plus combined


11:59pm EST February 4, 2017 for t-shirts

11:59pm EST February 28, 2017 w/ no t-shirt (IF NOT SOLD OUT IN ADVANCE)



8:00am – 9:45am at the pig barn



We call the Humdinger and its offspring ‘trail races’. These are not well-maintained cross-country style courses. Nor are they extreme obstacle type courses. You’re not in for a run in the park here, nor are we going to try to make you cry. We want you to get outside in central PA in early March, shake off the cabin fever and have fun racing with 300 or so like-minded friends. We’ll challenge you and make you sweat, but we’re not going to put anything out there that the average person can’t do. You’ll almost certainly get wet and muddy, you’ll likely get a boo-boo or two and you might even be sore the next day, but hey – that’s half the point of it!


We welcome groups of friends, co-workers and/or family members to come out and race with us as a ‘team’.  The Humdinger is all about having fun and getting outside with friends. We want you to come out and have a great time together and we’ll reward the teams who show the best team spirit or the best costumes. The reward will be light on the ‘fortune’, but heavy on the ‘glory’ side of things. Please note that team names and results are not tracked as a separate category in the race results. Each teammate will have his/her own bib number and timing chip and will be listed in the individual male or female results for each race.




Humdinger racers can pre-run a significant portion of the course in the Hopewell Park/Danville Borough Farm trail system.  However, please note, a portion of the course, including the start/finish area, is on land that is closed to the public except on the day of the race.  For maps and other trail details, please visit .  Please, no matter how tempting it is, do not attempt to check out the pig barn start/finish area in advance.  Doing so will not only cause problems for the race organizers, it is very likely to lead to the end of the race.  Thanks for understanding.


In roughly 7.1 miles of happiness, you’ll get all the steep slopes, daunting climbs, mud, water, bush-whacking and other ‘fun’ you have grown to know and love in the Humdinger. We’re bringing back the adventures at the Pig Barn again this year too.

The 2016 course measured at 7.0 miles and was laid out as shown on the map below.  Details of the 2017 course will be released in the weeks before the race.

Humdinger 2016 course

DINGER LITE (formerly the Half-Dinger)

A bit more than half the distance of the Humdinger, but all of the fun! Not sure you’re up to the full Humdinger challenge?  No problem!  We created the Dinger Lite with you in mind.  This course incorporates all the features that make the Humdinger great, without the ‘hard-core’ race distance and climbs.  Flatter and shorter and more ‘doable’ by anyone that puts their mind to it.  Want to have fun in the ice, mud, water, etc with a lesser degree of suffering? The Dinger Lite is the race for you.

The 2016 course measured at 4.7 miles and was laid out as shown on the map below.  Details of the 2017 course will be released in the weeks before the race.

Half Dinger 2016 course

DINGER PLUS (formerly the Double-Dinger)

The Dinger Plus offers two loops of the Humdinger hillside trails.  Expect 12.2 miles (+/-) of the same happiness found in the Humdinger with an extra dose of suffering!  There will be a 3:00pm cut-off time (5 hours) for the Dinger Plus.

The 2016 course measured at 12.2 miles and was laid out as shown in the map below.  Details of the 2017 course will be released in the weeks before the race.

Double Dinger 2016 course


Prefer your mapping in a more interactive format?  The Humdinger 2016 mapping is now available in .kml format by clicking here.


Results are now posted on the website.  Because we are aware of a number of racers who changed races mid-race, results will be considered unofficial for ten days.  If you know of results that are incorrect, please contact Bob Stoudt at [email protected] before March 15.  Results will be updated as needed.

Race photos are being uploaded to our SmugMug page.  Lots more photos and racer feedback is on our Facebook page.


It was a seriously cold morning with challenging trail conditions to say the least, but 272 hardy racers made the 2015 Humdinger, Half-Dinger and Double-Dinger a race to remember!

Race results are now posted to the website.  Because of the number of racers who switched races this morning, we’re considering the results unofficial for one week.  If you see that your results are incorrect, please contact Bob Stoudt at [email protected]

Photos are now being uploaded to our SmugMug page.  Please check back often during the next day or two as more photos are uploaded to the site.  Be sure to also visit our Facebook page for lots more photos, racer discussion and information about our other upcoming 2015 River Towns Race Series races.

Congratulations to all our ‘Dingers.  We’ll look forward to racing with you again in 2016.  Remember, registration for the 2016 Humdinger Trail Races will open on Monday, March 9th, so register early at our 2015 prices.  Our cap will again be 300, so don’t wait too long to register or you may have to wait until 2017!


2014 Humdinger final results w/ RTRS points

2014 Humdinger final results w/ RTRS points


UPDATED 3:55pm

Dave Walker (yes, the same one who caught many at the foot of ‘suicide hill’ and reigned victorious in the Dark-Dinger) managed to also find time to get some great photos. You can find them online at Thanks Dave.

More pictures to follow as we get them. Do you have photos to share? If so, please contact Bob at [email protected] to share.

POSTED 2:45pm

Humdingers –

If you’re reading this, then congratulations on surviving what is almost certainly the most challenging Humdinger in history! I can’t say enough good things about the many volunteers, partners and racers who made the 2014 race possible. We worked very hard to put on a challenging, yet safe, race for our returning friends and new River Towns Race Series racers and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Congratulations to everyone who dared to brave the wintry outdoors and kick off the 2014 racing season. I hope you went home with a smile on your face and a bunch of great memories and new friends.

Without exaggeration, we could not possibly have raced this year without weeks’ worth of hard work by Dave Decoteau and the Riverside Adventure Company, Elijah Evans of Elijah Evans Excavating, and our unbelievably dedicated trail volunteers including John Maize, Larry Ryan, Joe Ward, Greg Kovalick, Kenneth Klose and Dave Walker (yes, the same Dave Walker who saved everyone as they slid down the hill at Hopewell Park, then went on to dust the field at the Dark-Dinger!) Thanks also to our fantastic partners at Old Forge Brewing Company and Chef Willie’s Creamery for keeping us well-hydrated and well-fed, the Borough of Danville, Montour County and the Danville Area School District for allowing us to use their lands and parking areas, Bloomsburg University’s fraternities and sororities for providing plenty of racer ‘encouragement’, and the always exceptional staff of the Geisinger Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Program for patching us up to go out and play again. Finally, thanks to you, our racers, who looked out for each other and willingly disregarded your personal finishing times, fortune and glory to help other racers in need. To all those who put other racers’ well-being ahead of your own ambitions, it’s an honor to race with you.

We spent this morning beginning the tear-down and cleanup of the course and have found a number of things left behind yesterday. To see our ‘lost and found’ list, please visit our River Towns Race Series Facebook page. We’ll also be posting the first batches of pictures and racer feedback to that site as the day goes on. We hope to have the larger batches of pictures available by later this evening. Please check back here for updates today and through this week as needed.

Finally, the first draft results are now posted on our Facebook page. I’ll be working this afternoon to compile the results into River Towns Race Series format and will be making corrections as needed. Because of the large number of racers who switched from the Humdinger to the Half-Dinger yesterday, we know there are quite a few racers listed in the wrong category. We’re working to correct any errors as we find them. As a result, the results posted to our Facebook page are considered preliminary. The semi-final results should be posted to this website later this evening. Once posted, the results will also be considered preliminary for a period of 72 hours. During that time, I will make any corrections as needed. If you find your results are incorrect, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll make sure we get your results corrected. I will post the final, official results to this website after the 72 hour period has passed and corrections have been made. Results will be considered official at that time and no further corrections will be made.

On behalf of the Montour Area Recreation Commission’s River Towns Race Series and our many partners, sponsors and supporters, thank you again for choosing to race with us and best wishes for a great 2014 racing season. We’ll hope to see all of you again in Danville on Saturday, May 3rd, for the River Towns Marathon and Half Marathon and the Danville Business Alliance’s Spring Fling. Go forth and race knowing that you too are tough enough to call yourself a Humdinger!

– Bob



Can I pre-run the courses?


Yes, you can pre-run a significant portion of the course in the Hopewell Park/Danville Borough Farm trail system. However, please note, a portion of the course, including the start/finish area, is on land that is closed to the public except on the day of the race.  For maps and other trail details, please visit .  Please, no matter how tempting it is, do not attempt to check out the pig barn start/finish area in advance.  Doing so will not only cause problems for the race organizers, it is very likely to lead to the end of the race.  Thanks for understanding.


I’ve already registered, but now I can’t make it to the race. Can I get a refund?


Refunds are given only if the race in cancelled by the organizers.  Otherwise, once fees are paid, they will not be refunded for any other reason.


Do you allow athletes to transfer their entry to another person (allowing for a substitution of athletes)?


Yes, provided this transfer is made at least five days prior to the event.  If the substitute person does not attend on race day, no refunds or credits of any kind will be available.  To request a transfer, contact Bob Stoudt at [email protected].


Are races ever cancelled, and if so, how do I find out the latest news?


Yes, it’s possible to have a cancellation or weather related postponement, though it’s extremely unlikely.  Any cancellation or postponement will be posted on this website and will also be emailed to all race registrants.


I left something at a race.  What should I do?


Either contact us or wait a day or two and check the race website.  We’ll likely post a “Lost and Found” page on the race updates page. There you can browse photos of items left at the race and see if your missing item is among the photos.


What if I get hurt?


Racing can be dangerous! No person should enter a race of any type without carefully considering the risks involved. Your consideration should include factors that are completely out of the normal range of consideration. You could be hit by a car. You could fall. You could run into another runner or be run into by them. You could be hit by lightning. Although the organizers of the race spend months putting systems in place to make the race as safe as possible, there are ALWAYS RISKS. You should participate in each race at a level that keeps you in control of your safety. Always exercise caution and restraint on the course. Any racer found by the Race Director to be behaving irresponsibly will be disqualified immediately and asked to leave the race. WHEN YOU SIGN-UP FOR THIS RACE, YOU ARE ACCEPTING THE POTENTIAL FOR INJURY AS PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. You are saying that you alone accept this potential risk and are willfully participating at your own risk. You are accepting ANYTHING that could happen on the race course regardless of events leading to the dangerous condition, including negligence. YOU ARE AGREEING TO HOLD ALL PEOPLE, GROUPS, BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATION HARMLESS.


Are you coming in from out of town and need somewhere to stay?  The River Towns Race Series is proud to partner with the Pine Barn Inn in Danville as our official lodging partner.  Mention the promotional code ‘MARC‘ when making your reservation by phone or online and you’ll save 20% off your room rate!

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Do you need recommendations for somewhere else to stay or eat? Maybe you’re looking for somewhere else to play while you’re here? The Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau will help you find just what you need.



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