Top Travel Destinations in the World

Top Travel Destinations World

Consider it the year you finally start trying to take all those trips you’ve been wanting to take, so you can see all those places you’ve always wanted to see. Why? Because you won’t believe all of the exotic destinations that are popular this year.

For instance, why not take a trip to Tasmania? Specifically, the Bay of Fire (or Bay of Fires) is the place to be this year. It might be that you have never before heard of this place, which is located just off of the coast of charming, quaint St. Helen’s — but no matter, you will.

Now, let’s head towards Europe — specifically, you need to think about a trip to Basque Country. This is a versatile vacation spot, because it spans both France and Spain. Plus, the scenery will absolutely take your breath away.

You can find some really incredible travel packages when you make the decision to visit the Basque coast — make sure you take advantage of that!

Chiloe, in Chile, is another hot destination. The country itself has an extremely rich culture, not to mention tons of adventure to be had. And Chiloe, specifically, is the best of everything you can find in Chile. The architecture tells a wealth of history, there are plenty of ghost stories and local tells, and some wild and crazy adventures just waiting for you!

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If you are in the mood for a more exotic vacation, then look no further than Ko Tao in Thailand. Overflowing with rich, verdant landscapes that stretch on and on, beautiful locations for diving, exotic wildlife, amazing marine life — what more could you ask for? This is definitely the place to be if you love the great outdoors, and want to experience them in a new place.

Nam Ha in Laos is another much sought after, exotic destination. You may not think of Laos as a hot vacation spot, but that changes this year. A trip to Nam Ha is satisfying in a number of different ways, including culturally. You can actually stay with some of the locals, hike through the beautiful mountains, or go on tours of jungles and waterfalls, guided by those who know the land best.



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