The Most Romantic European Getways For Young Couples

Romantic European Getways

Looking for a romantic getaway? Want a special location for a very special occasion? Europe offers some of the best romantic getaways for young couples on the planet. Here are my top 5 destinations:


There is a reason they call Paris the City of Love, and you have to go there to discover why. Stroll with your amour along the Seine River, eat at lovely and elegant restaurants and tour some of the world’s best art museums. For the perfect nightcap, take a trip to the twinkling Eiffel Tower, flickering in the darkness.


Vienna is easy to fall in love with. Take a stroll down her narrow streets and admire her seductive Baroque palaces and you will feel the love in the air. Don’t miss the Schonbrunn Palace, and make sure to wander all around the cobblestone streets of the old quarters, where you will find some of the most quaint and romantic cafes, restaurants and coffee shops.


If you’re looking for romance, head to the southernmost region in Italy. Try sunset cruising through the Egadi islands or a helicopter flight over Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano. The food in Sicily is an adventure in itself and your taste buds will be thanking you. You can easily find many affordable lovely villas and holiday apartments in Sicily: located on the beach or in the mountains they can almost guarantee a unique, comfort and unforgettable holiday.

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Don’t forget your camera when you visit Santorini, because the photo opportunities are stunning. Spend your vacation lounging on one of the island’s red sand beaches or sipping wine at one of the famous vineyards. Don’t miss the gorgeous sunset at Oia, a unique experience that will cost you nothing. You will get a lovely tan on the white sand beaches and eat some of the best seafood in the Mediterranean. And don’t forget to taste the various varieties of olives and feta cheese!


Other Greek islands also provide Asuransi Kesehatan, with a completely different landscape and culture than Santorini. From outdoor adventures to relaxing days at the beach, there is something every couple will love. Adventurers can explore the large palm forests of Lasithi and beach lovers can spend hours coming to the pristine beaches. In the evening, get a romantic table for two in a traditional taverna and enjoy the sea breeze and the famous fresh fish cuisine.

Agree or disagree? What are your 5 most romantic places in Europe? Thanks again to Mary Davis for joining us at Two to Travel and Tango and writing this blog post!



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