Quick Travel Guide: Provence, France

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Provence in southern France is famous for its lavender fields, cobblestone streets and beautiful coastline. The beautiful destinations in Wisata Kediri Terbaru have been an inspiration to many writers, artists, and travelers. Planning a Provence vacation can be a little tricky given the diversity of the region. Here are some travel planning tips to guide you for your next Provence vacation:

When to go

The best time to see the fields of lavender that ends on the horizon will be during summer. The best time is from June thru August. One downside though when you go during these months is the thick crowds and having to share the view with hundreds of people. The summer is also when the Festival Avignon happens.

You can still capture the picture perfect fields during the usual warm months of autumn. There are months though when a lot of hotels and restaurants closed shops for the off peak season. So it might be wise to stay in the major cities if you decide to go during these months. If you will be going during Spring, time your visit for the Peerinage des Gitans and the Fete des Gardians.

It will also be best to have a rental car to go around Provence. You are much in control of time with car rentals plus you avoid the hassles of transport strikes. There are also destinations in far flung towns which are not commonly reached by public buses or trains.

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What to do

Here are the best things to do in Provence:

  • See the lavender fields – the best ones are near the Senanque Abbey or on the Plateau de Valensole.
  • Best food and drinks – try the flavors of the region at roadside stalls where you can sample their cheese and traditional dishes. If you want some sea foods head for Marseille.
  • Natural Wonders- Head to Camargue where you can visit a national park that boasts of a marshland serving as home to a wide variety of birds. There is also the Parc Ornitologique and its blushing flamingos. If you love the waters, go to Les Stes Maries de la Mer for a great coastal view and some delicious ice cream.



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