River Towns Half Marathon



The Montour Area Recreation Commission (MARC) regrets to report that a combination of declining attendance and increasing costs have made the River Towns Half-Marathon no longer viable for our organization.  Though we hope to one day find another organization to reinvent the race under new management, MARC will not be hosting the race in 2018.





Saturday, May 6, 2017


9:00am start


Montour County courthouse, 29 Mill St, Danville, PA  17821 USA


Danville Area Middle School, 120 Northumberland St (US-11), Danville, PA 17821 USA





350 (registration closes 5/2/17 (if not sold out sooner); no day-of-race registration)


5pm – 8pm Friday, May 5 (Hess Recreation Area, 300 Meadow Lane, Danville, PA)
7am – 8:30am race day (Montour County courthouse, 29 Mill St, Danville, PA)



We’ll start the race in Danville’s historic West Market Street neighborhood, near the Montour County courthouse. From there, we race down Mill Street to officially begin the Spring Fling. After that, it’s back up Ferry Street and out of Danville on East Market Street and River Drive, running to the county line where we’ll make a U-turn and head back to Danville. We’ll turn onto Danville’s levee to avoid the cross-streets and traffic in town, making our way back to the Montour County courthouse for the big finish.

The half marathon course has been mapped in Google Earth and is available to download.  All course amenities such as hydration stops, porta-potty locations, start/finish, parking, etc. are included in the mapping.  Don’t have Google Earth on your computer?  You can download it for free here.

2013 River Towns Half Marathon Course Map

2017 River Towns Half Marathon Course Map


This race is not for everyone. Our course has a 1.0 mile-long section of trail running on the grass-covered Danville levee on the way back into Danville. The levee is safe and (in the opinion of most runners) fun and interesting to run, but if this surface upsets you in any way, you might want to further investigate the course before registering.

The race IS NOT a Boston qualifier and is not certified.

Some portions of the course have limited vehicular traffic. Though every effort is made to ensure the safety of racers, organizers expect participants to stay on the shoulder of the road as if they were in a training run (running into traffic).


  • Start: 9:00am
  • Distance: 13.1 miles
  • Description: mildly rolling, mostly wooded river valley
  • Surface: 93% paved roads, 7% grass surfaced levee
  • Type: out and back
  • Accumulated climb: 62ft
  • Accumulated descent: 62ft
  • Hydration stops: 7 (plus start/finish area)
  • Porta-potty stops: 5 (plus start/finish area)
  • Course records: 1:13:38 Christopher Brandt (men); 1:28:44 Tina Bartholomew (women)


– UPDATED 5/3/15 1:00PM EST –

Congratulations to everyone who ran yesterday’s 8th River Towns Marathon and Half-Marathon! Though it got a bit warm by late-morning, it was a beautiful day for the race and the Spring Fling which followed. We had a great time yesterday and we hope all our runners did too.
According to the official results from PARunners, we had 335 finishers in the half and 69 in the full. Our overall champions for the marathon were Stephen Housenick, 46, of Kingston, PA with a time of 3:06:46 and Marisa Weidner, 23, of Arlington, VA with a time of 3:35:23. In the half marathon, our overall champions were Andrew Snyder, 30, of Wescosville, PA with a time of 1:24:24 and Shannon Pyles, 28, of Baltimore, MD with a time of 1:28:15.

Race pictures will be uploading through the day today and tomorrow to our SmugMug site.  There are a ton of pictures waiting to upload, so you’re sure to find at least one of your favorite runner.

Thanks again to everyone who raced with us. We look forward to seeing you in Danville again on May 7, 2016. Registration will open on Tuesday, May 12 (next Tuesday) and we’ll again be capped at 500, so don’t delay – register early!


2014 was a record setting year to say the least!

On the marathon side of things, Paul Riley, 28, of Tomball, Texas has crushed our previous marathon men’s course record, turning in a blistering 2:32:45!  Paul outdistanced the next closest competitor by nearly 20 minutes!

Olivia Kelly, also 28, of Ellicott City, MD turned in a fantastic 3:32:53, missing the women’s course record by a mere 28 seconds!

On the half-marathon side of things, Christopher Brandt, 22, turned in a new course record 1:13:38, beating the old course record by 35 seconds!

Danville, PA’s own Tina Bartholomew, 41, turned in a 1:29:22, barely missing the women’s course record by 38 seconds – a record she holds!

The 2014 race featured great running weather and an extremely strong field of racers with some exceptional times.  Congratulations to everyone who raced with us.

The 2014 results are now posted here – 2014 RT Marathon results.  Photos, commentary, discussion and more can be found on our River Towns Race Series Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who raced with us.  It was a beautiful day to race and a fantastic group of racers.

We’ll hope to see everyone in Danville again next year on Saturday, May 2, 2015!



Where’s the information for the full marathon?


We’re sorry to report we will not be hosting the full River Towns Marathon in 2017.  After eight years of trying, we’ve reached the point where a combination of steadily increasing permitting and insurance costs have coupled with flat attendance figures and declining sponsorships to make the race no longer viable for an organization of our size.  We are grateful for those who have raced with us in the past and thank everyone who has worked so hard to support this race.


Is there a time limit for the race?


Yes, all racers are expected to be finished by 1:00pm.  That means four hours, or an average of 3.28mph.  In past years, 99+% of our racers have finished within this time limit.  While we want to respect the needs of every one of our racers, we must also respect the concerns of our local police, fire police and residents along the course.  At 1:00pm on race day, any racer still on the course will be evaluated by the race director to determine whether he or she has a reasonable chance of completing the race.  If they are reasonably close to the finish, we will allow them to finish with the understanding that the course will be reopened to vehicular traffic.  If the racer is too far from the finish to have a reasonable chance of successfully completing the event or if he/she appears to be in physical distress, the race director may choose to ask the racer to stop and accept a ride back to the finish line.  We understand that finishing a half-marathon is a monumental challenge that’s not to be taken lightly, but we also know that it’s not worth your life.


Do you allow walkers?  How about strollers?


Yes, so long as you understand the 1:00pm cutoff as described above.  If that works for you, we’d love to have you join us.  We just ask that you please line up at the rear of the starting field so that you don’t become a hazard to faster racers.


Are headphones allowed?


Yes, we allow headphones, though we don’t necessarily encourage their use. If you’re going to run with headphones on, you’ve got to run responsibly and remain aware of your surroundings at all times. We want you to have fun, but we want you (and our other racers) to stay safe too.


Where can I find information about local lodging?


We are happy to announce the Pine Barn Inn in Danville is our preferred lodging partner.  Mention the promo code ‘MARC’ when you make your registration by phone or use it online and enjoy a 20% discounted rate!

Pine Barn Inn logo


Looking for other options?  Our partners at the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau have all the information about food, lodging and other local events that you could possibly need.  Please visit their website at http://www.ITourColumbiaMontour.com for more information.


Can I get a refund?


Yes, but only if the race is cancelled by the organizers.  Otherwise, once fees are paid, they will not be refunded for any other reason.


Do you allow athletes to transfer their entry to another person (allowing for a substitution of athletes)?


Yes, provided this transfer is made at least four days prior to the event.  If the substitute person does not attend on race day, no refunds or credits of any kind will be available.  Active.com registrants are able to do their own transfers online.  Mail-in registrants may request a transfer by contacting Bob Stoudt at [email protected]


Are races ever cancelled, and if so, how do I find out the latest news?


Yes, it’s possible to have a cancellation or weather related postponement, though it’s extremely unlikely.  Any cancellation or postponement will be posted on this website and will also be emailed to all race registrants.


I left something at a race. What should I do?


Please contact Bob Stoudt, MARC Director, at (570) 336-2060 or [email protected].


What if I get hurt?


Racing can be dangerous! No person should enter a race of any type without carefully considering the risks involved.  Your consideration should include factors that are completely out of the normal range of consideration.  You could be hit by a car.  You could fall.  You could run into another runner or be run into by them. You could be hit by lightning.  Although the organizers of the race spend months putting systems in place to make the race as safe as possible, there are ALWAYS RISKS.  You should participate in each race at a level that keeps you in control of your safety.  Always exercise caution and restraint on the course.  Any racer found by the Race Director to be behaving irresponsibly will be disqualified immediately and asked to leave the race.  WHEN YOU SIGN-UP FOR THIS RACE, YOU ARE ACCEPTING THE POTENTIAL FOR INJURY AS PART OF THE EXPERIENCE.  You are saying that you alone accept this potential risk and are willfully participating at your own risk.  You are accepting ANYTHING that could happen on the race course regardless of events leading to the dangerous condition, including negligence.  YOU ARE AGREEING TO HOLD ALL PEOPLE, GROUPS, BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATION HARMLESS.